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Self Directed Retirement Plans

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Self-Direct Your Retirement Funds

Did you know that you could take charge of your own retirement funds and invest them in virtually anything that you believe can make you money, and where they are secure from stock market fluctuations?

Yes, the tax law permits you to convert your retirement funds into self-directed IRAs or 401(k) plan where you control them.

Many individuals have purchased real estate and other assets as alternative investments for their retirement plans. If you invest with IRA funds, you still need an outside custodian that will permit you to invest in alternative investments. Whereas, if you set up a self-directed 401(k) plan, you will not need to pay outside parties an annual fee.

Checkbook Control Means Flexibility

The conversion of retirement funds can be done at any time and will permit you to have checkbook control over your retirement assets. This flexibility allows you to seek out alternative investments that can increase in value either tax-deferred or tax-free until you retire.

Yes, You Can Invest In Real Estate

The self-directed plan permits you to acquire investments i.e. real estate with debt financing either with a bank loan or with private financing on the property. This allows you to increase your retirement investment assets in a way that cannot be done with most conventional retirement accounts.

No Limit To The Amount Of Money You Put In

There is no limit on the amount of retirement assets that you can convert into a self-directed account. The IRS and the Department of Labor both have various stringent rules that must be followed so as not to cause taxation of retirement assets.

Generally, professional help should be sought to make sure that no tax laws are broken. If you have retirement funds that you want to diversify and control yourself while earning tax-free or tax deferred income until retirement, then establishment of a Self-directed IRA or 401K plan is an option to consider.


Ken Lindow, CPA

Ken Lindow, CPA and a former top Inc.500 CFO specializes in tax structuring of real estate investments, ROBS 401k plans for business investing and 401(k) self-directed tax plans for investment planning, as will and business strategy planning for new ventures and fast business growth.

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