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Self Directed 401K Real Estate Investing

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Self Directed 401K Real Estate Investing

A Self Directed Retirement Plan, or Self Directed Investing, provides the FREEDOM to invest in an almost limitless manner, outside the limitations of traditional brokerages that are typically over-weighted in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Investors become free to diversify into alternative investments such as mortgage notes, tax liens, partnerships, coins, precious metals, and private Real Estate, including leveraged Real Estate.

About this video: Capital Resource and K. A. Lindow, CPA are two of the very few CPA firms located in Phoenix, Arizona, offering “turn-key” solutions for Real Estate Investing.

In order to take greater control of your retirement, you need to limit custodial involvement by establishing a Self Directed IRA or Self Directed 401K LLC Structure – giving you checkbook control to act immediately to investment opportunities, and potentially saving you thousands in fees.

This LLC structure is tax court approved, giving you the ability to make investing as “simple as writing a check” from the bank of your choice, and avoiding the restrictions and delays of custodians. Our free consultation will educate you on the many other advantages this strategy can provide.

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Important To Know

You must understand the differences between a Self Directed IRA and a Self Directed 401K before making a decision as to which is more suitable for your goals by consulting with our tax experts. We will advise and develop Limited Liability Companies (LLC's) only after we are certain which plan will be best for you. Many of our clients are quite surprised to learn how easy it can be to become eligible to establish a Solo-401(K) plan – don’t rule out this possibility! These plans offer greater advantages than an IRA for certain types of investments. Our firm can offer simple strategies to make this happen – even if you are not currently self employed.

Why You Want a Trusted Tax Expert

Our solutions provide opportunities for Real Estate investments using IRA/401K funds, to help increase your retirement wealth and monthly cash flow. We will educate and advise you on the rules of Self Directed IRA/401K plans, from rolling over your account and establishing the new plan to taking distributions.

Only a tax expert can provide advice on Self Directed Investing – don’t settle for anything less; be sure to ask any prospective plan facilitator or administrator how they are qualified to help you and if they can provide advice.


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