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Creating Wealth & Reducing Taxes

Delivering Measurable Results


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Small Business Owners, Executives & Professionals

Reducing taxes and tax preparation services are just part of what we do. With a blend of personal service and expertise, K.A. Lindow CPA offers services for business owners, executives and independent professionals looking to create wealth and reduce taxes. Experienced, friendly and affordable - we deliver measurable results.

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Accounting and Tax Services

The language of business is accounting. If the accounting is not correct, then the nusiness is not communicating accurately to the owners. We prepare and verify that the accounting is correct for information reporting and for tax pteparation. We will prepare or review the accounting to make sure of its accuracy. We advise on how to minimize taxes and then prepare any tax return that is necessary for compliance.

Fast Business Revenue and Profit Growth
Turbo Growth Management with Analytic Growth Metrics

Use a proven Inc. 500 system that grew a business over 1985% over three years. Develop an operationally excellent management team. Link this with Z BIZ FIX that measure actual results monthly against high growth standards. The business will actually tell you what to fix to produce consistent high-growth and profitability.

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Self-Directed 401k Plan

Self-Directing your own retirement funds with a personal 401(k) permits you to invest in any asset that you choose i.e. real estate, private loans, tax certificates, virtually anything and puts you in control of the investments and your funds. Can be structured for tax-free or tax-deferred income.

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Roth 401k ROBS Business

Start or buy a business of your own with your 401(k) retirement assets. Become an employee in your own 401(k) owned business, taking a salary as compensation with fringe benefit. Can be structured for tax-free or tax-deferred sale of the business for your 401(k) retirement plan.

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Qualified Small Business Stock

Start or buy your own business (not service, financial, R/E or lodging, etc.) with a QSBS. Earn a salary and receive fringe benefits. Grow the business rapidly then sell it for a tax-free profit of $10 million. Must keep the business five years. These are your own private funds spendable at any age.

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Sell Your Business Accounts Receivables to Your 401(k) Plan

Sell your businesses (personal property) accounts receivable to your personal 401(k) plan. This is the fastest way to build up retirement assets! Current customer earn between 30% - 120% annual rates of return without commission and fees. Can be structured for tax-free or tax-deferred

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Z Biz Fix Business Turnaround

Evaluate your business and receive a score that indicates its business health. Then use the ratios to change your business to get and keep it farther and farther away from bankruptcy with a formula that has been proven over the years to be 80% accurate. Turn a business around fast focusing on what ills it, just like a doctor to create a healthy fast growing business.

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Financing for Real Estate and Business Investing

Develop a financing presentation that any financing source would love to receive. Have prequalified sources provided to you for financing that meets your requirements. These sources include both banks and private lenders. Obtain innovative ways to structure your financing to give you maximum tax benefits, financial leverage, and creative repayment methods and structures.

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$10M Tax Free Income From Real Estate or Business Holdings

Transfer real estate or business assets to a specially structured C Corporation. After a monitoring process over a five-year period to make sure all IRS rules are followed and ensures the C Corporation stock qualifies, it can be sold for a tax-free gain of up to $10 million.

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About K.A. Lindow CPA Firm

reducing taxes

Lindow CPA was established to serve small businesses desiring growth and profits.

A former top Inc. 500 CFO for a company that grew 1,985% over three years, Ken Lindow also assists small business start-ups, streamlines business operations and specializes in tax structuring of real estate investments, ROBS 401K plans for business investing and 401K self-directed tax plans for investment planning, as well as business strategy planning for new ventures and fast business growth.

Lindow CPA firm has assisted individuals, business, non-profit organizations, as well as church groups in providing financing for various projects. Many firm clients have developed high growth rates when applying strategies developed using sound financial management with focused goal directed management principles.

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