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401K Options

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Self Directed 401k Options

Investment Options

Real estate, private notes, or any other asset other than collectables S-Corp stock or life insurance.


Learn how to use sophisticated investing procedures to gain almost limitless leverage and profits. Leverage your real estate investments using bank financing up to 150% or even higher on transactions. Make money by combining personal funds and retirement funds from your spouse, children, family members or any other investor.


Can’t buy or sell assets to or from spouse, children or parents.

Tax Aspects

Defer taxable income until retirement or convert ordinary taxable retirement income to either tax-deferred or taxfree income.

Control of Your Retirement Assets

Put your retirement assets totally under your checkbook control.

401k Rollover Business Startup (ROBS)

401K Rollover Business Startup

Investment Options

Start or buy a business of your own by investing your retirement assets.


Become an employee in your own 401(k) owned business, taking a salary as compensation and receiving benefits. Shelter assets from creditors within your 401(k) plans.

Tax Aspects

Must pay taxes on annual profits as a C corporation. Have the ability to combine ROBS with Factoring to reduce taxable business profits while converting those profits to your 401(k) plans for tax-free income. Business sale profits can be tax deferrer or tax free.

ROBS Tax Aspects

what is robs 401k

401K Investment by Factoring Invoices

Investment Options

Purchase your business invoices as 401(k) plan investments transfer profits into your 401(k) retirement plan.


Invoices must be from the sale of tangible personal products.


This reduces business profits and increase 401(k) assets. Can make 50% or more profits in your 401(k) plans with no commission or fees with the purchase.

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